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Spider Glazing

Intext Studio offers a modern solution for external glass facades, i.e. Spider Glazing. In such a design, the glass is fixed without the support system of traditional Aluminium Structure. The high-grade stainless steel fixings are designed to absorb all static and dynamic loads (i.e. the dead weight of the glass, wind loading, snow loads and differential expansion due to temperature difference) and distribute them to the support structure.

Key Features:

  • The size of the supporting structure is adequate to take the weight of the glass and the wind load conditions.
  • No Strain on Glass Panes.
  • The glass withstands the wind loads and imposed dead loads.
  • There is a gap between the two panes of glass to avoid transmitting stresses and to allow space for the mastic weather seal.
  • Various types of support structures are possible.

Cutting-edge technical solutions of this kind can only be realized if all the elements and products are used with the strictest of specifications and are installed with perfect workmanship.

Intext Studio is a veteran in this industry.

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