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A. Roller Blinds:

Roller blinds are made of fabric and can roll up around a metal tube with a load bar at bottom to keep the fabric taught. Semi-sheer, blackout and translucent fabrics are available for filtering the light.

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B. Roman Blinds:

Whether you choose flat-fold style, for smooth, neat lines, or looped style for soft cascading folds, you will create a warm and elegant look that will complement any decor and make your guests feel welcome. Available in seamless widths up to 120 inches, Roman Fold Shades are a luxurious yet practical addition to any room.

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C. Wooden Venetian Blinds:

A Venetian blind has horizontal slats, one above another. The slats can be rotated such that they overlap with one side facing inward and then in the opposite direction such that they overlap with the other side facing inward.

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D. Sliding Curtain Track:

Make life easier: Press a button on the remote control and your curtains glide quietly from center to side - and stop wherever you want them to. As your motorized curtains operate smoothly in a controlled manner, they will retain their looks and last longer.

Try the motorised curtains configuration to build your personalized solution

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E. Roller Screen:

We provide fully automated projector screens to enhance your theatrical experience. Get used to the luxury of operating all the blinds, sheer curtains and the screen with one single remote.

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